Well Worth Watching

0003_0013Living on my own can sometimes be as boring as hell, and quite a lonely place, however i am the sort of girl who is happy with her own company and enjoys my own space most of the time.

I am fortunate to have a good job as a department manager in a well known department store and this pays for me to live in a lovely modern apartment in the middle of the city where i work, and it is only 10 minutes walk from work. My apartment is on the 7th floor and has a great little secluded balcony on the corner which is not overlooked

Last night i returned home from work around 7pm, i was absolutely knackered as we had been really busy all day and my feet were killing me as i had mistakenly worn some new heeled shoes, that whilst looking fab were a little tight. It was just starting to get dark, but it was still a lovely warm evening for the time of year, so i decided to have a sit on my balcony and have half an hour to myself before going out later. I kicked off my heels and took off my skirt, jacket and blouse and slipped into my lovely satin robe, i wandered into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine from the fridge, a glass from the cupboard and opened the door onto my balcony. I sat on my favourite chair, opened the wine, poured a glass and sat back relaxing at last. I sat enjoying the dusk arrive and the warmish evening air, i felt happy, content and very chilled.

A light being turned on in an apartment across the road from me but a few floors lower caught my eye. I casually glanced across and saw that the light was glowing from someones bedroom, i sipped some wine and glanced again, noting that there were a couple in the room and that they were kissing each other quite passionately, i smiled to myself, wondering what was going to happen next. Watching the couple intently, knowing that they would not be able to see me, i edged my chair around to get a better view. The guy was kissing the girl, and had has hand around her back and was stroking her backside through her clothes, her hands were around his back, holding him close. The kissing carried on and sure enough her hand moved around to the front and began rubbing his groin through his trousers. I was starting to get into this and i could feel my nipples getting hard and were pushing against my bra. The girl pulled her mouth away and began un-dressing her man, removing all of his clothes except his boxer shorts, from where i was i could see the guys cock stretching the front of his shorts, i was getting very excited. I had never seen anyone else have sex as a voyeur, and i began hoping that they wouldn’t close the curtains, and would carry on in front of me with the light on. One of my hands had instinctively to my breast, and was gently massaging it, rubbing my solid little nipple, tweaking it occasionally, i moved my leg to one side, i could feel my pussy lips swelling.

The guy slowly removed his girls clothes, removing everything including her bra and knickers, she had a really nice firm pair of boobs, i was jealous, especially when the guy began to suck them, my hand slid slowly between my legs, neatly sliding inside my knickers, i gasped when i felt how wet i was. The girl pushed the guy away and slowly dropped to her knees, lifting her arms upwards she slowly slid down the guys boxers, revealing his cock, i was wishing that i could get a closer and better look, my finger was rubbing my already swollen clit up and down, i stopped, quickly slid off my own knickers and gave my fingers better access to my now soaking cunt, my finger resumed wanking my cunt off. I looked back to the apartment, just as the girl licked the end of her guys solid cock, then took it into her mouth, my wanking speed increased. The girl put her hands and the guys hips and began taking his cock in and out of her mouth, sometimes just taking the head, other times taking his whole length. I was transfixed, but i was getting too turned on and could feel my orgasm building so i removed my fingers from my slit and began sucking my juices off them, imagining i was there, sucking the guys hard cock. The guy was obviously enjoying his treat a lot too and pulled his cock from the girls mouth. He rolled the girl forward and bent her over a chair that was next to them, my hand slid back to my wet hole, i knew what was coming, and that was not just me, him and her. The guy lined up his cock, and i saw it disappear from view, he began to quickly fuck the girl, i could see his hips banging against her bum, i wished it was me being filled, i slid 2 fingers into my hole.

I knew that guy wouldn’t be able to last a long time, and sure enough he made a jerky movement, and i knew he had emptied himself into the girl, i was starting to come and i knew i wasn’t too far off, i glanced again at the apartment and saw the girl had produced a vibrator from somewhere, had one leg high on the chair and was frigging herself off with it, i was struggling to concentrate on watching and wanking at the same time, so decided to concentrate on myself. I rubbed my now very swollen, and very wet clit quickly and it was only a matter of seconds before i felt that familiar glow engulf my body, i shock and trembled, biting my lip to stop me from crying out as the massive orgasm ripped through my body, i gulped in some of the night air and and tried to compose myself. I glanced across the road, and saw the girl open her mouth wide and shout, seconds later removing the toy from inside her. The couple then retired to lay on their bed, just pausing to close the curtains first.

I was exhausted, and still shaking, i was even shaking when i picked up my wine glass to finish what was left. I got up and went inside to have a hot shower and change before going out to meet my date at 8.30, and i already knew where he would be sleeping that night.

University Leaving Present

047_designI was fortunate enough to further my studies at Newcastle University, a great place to study and a great place to have fun. I really enjoyed the last 3 years, before finishing in May this year, when my friendship group and i had a leaving party to remember for ever.

The group who i managed to spend the last 3 with was an eclectic mix of people, quite diverse, but determined to have fun. Before we split up for Christmas 11 of us made a pact that we would have the leaving night out to beat all others before we finished our course. The group consisted of 7 guys and 4 of us girlies.

The big night out came around and we headed off to the ‘toon’ for a few drinks and some dancing, with the plan to head back to my house around midnight and have a bit of a party and drink the wine that my parents had kindly donated, a case of white and a case of red, just over a bottle each.

We had a great night out, drinking, flirting, dancing and generally having a laugh. Around midnight we headed off on the last bus back to my digs. All of my housemates had already finished their courses and i was the only one left in the house, therefore my place was the perfect venue for an end of term party with plenty of beds for my mates to crash out on.

Arriving home i quickly opened the wine and poured glasses for everyone, we were all a bit pissed but in really good spirits. My iphone was quickly fired up and we found some great chill out beats to play whilst we sat on the floor chatting and reminiscing about our 3 years together. Whilst chatting James suggested that we went around the group, everyone had to say what their highlight was, the low point, and something that they had not done but wished they had. The conversation circle covered a variety of highlights, lowlights and very interesting missed opportunities. Eventually reaching James, one of my closer friends, he drunkenly blurted out that he had wished he had at least seen one of the 4 of us girlies naked, but that wasn’t going to happen now. The conversation was killed, and everyone sat there in silence, even the track that was playing stopped, we all looked around the room in stunned silence. I laughed, and said “You have never asked you dirty boy, if you had you would have got more than that from me, at Christmas i was gagging for some sex, and i virtually offered myself to you, but you didn’t seem bothered”, James looked stunned. One of the girls, Julie, stood up and came over to me, she bent forward and whispered in my ear, “If i had known you were gagging for it at Christmas i would have slept with you, you are fucking sexy and gorgeous”, then lifted her head and kissed me full on lips, her tongue intertwining quickly with mine. I had never kissed another girl before and i began to wonder why, it was really sexy and i began to respond to Julie, slipping my hand upwards, slowly caressing her boobs. My pussy was on fire, i could feel wetness seeping into my knickers.

Julie and I stopped kissing and looked across, everyone sat there shell shocked, not quite sure what to do, i was really horny. I looked at James, smiled, and said “If you get naked, i will too, then you will see me naked but only if i see you naked too”, Julie smiled and quietly said to me “If you get naked, i will too”. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Julie began to undo my top and slid it over my head, exposing my 32DD boobs squashed in my bra, i frantically undid her dress and dropped it to the floor, i kicked my jeans to one side after Julie had undone them and slipped them down, we stood there in our bras and knickers. Then, to my surprise, James quickly removed his clothes and everyone in the room followed suit, 11 of us in just our underwear, i could smell the scent of sex in the air. James removed his boxer shorts to reveal a solid cock, not big but not small either, one by one everyone removed their under garments leaving 11 of us all naked. I kissed Julie again, keeping my eyes open, i struggled to concentrate. Elle was on the sofa being touched and caressed by John, whilst Graham kissed her passionately whilst she slowly wanked him, Jody was on the other sofa with Phil, Chris and Pete, the boys had their hands all over her body, taking turns to kiss her, caress her breasts and rub her swollen pussy lips, which i could see from where i was were really swollen and glistening in the low lights in the room.

I carried on kissing Julie, feeling hands begin to slide over my body, they were not Julies hands so i presumed it was either James or Julian, i peeked, it was actually both of them, James touching me and Julian massaging Julies pert breasts, occasionally deviating to the other one of us. I was horny, turned on, wet, desperate to orgasm and in heaven, this was the first time something like this had happened to me, and it was something i was not going to forget in a hurry. I snaked my arm around my back and took James’s cock in my hand, and began to slowly wank his hard tool, i could feel it virtually throbbing as i stroked it.

I broke away from Julie, and released James, i stepped backwards and sat on the floor, laying myself back and opening my legs wide, constantly watching the action around the room, i could see that the occasion was being enjoyed by everyone and i wanted more. I looked up at Julie, who had Julians cock in her mouth, which she was sucked deeply whilst wanking James next to her face, i could see pre-come shining on the end of James’s cock. I spoke “Does anyone want to wank themselves off over me, whilst i lie here, or better still, do you guys want the girls to wank you off over me and James you can be last, you can fill my pussy with your cock?”, i did not normally speak like this, but it felt almost natural.

The boys grinned naughtily, and stood up, the girls, who do not want to miss out came behind the boys and one by one, kissing their necks from behind slid their hand around to the swollen cocks and began to wank them over me. I could not believe that i was laying down and 3 guys stood over me, their hard throbbing cocks pointing over my body, and 3 of my friends behind then wanking the boys cocks over me. I noticed that the boys breathing became faster and gradually one by one they shot their hot cum over my body, splashing over my tits, face and stomach. As soon as Julian, Graham and Phil had emptied themselves, they were replaced by John, Chris and Pete, and the girls carried on stroking the hard cocks again, i was writhing in ecstasy, i could feel the warm juice running down my body and i was looking forward to receiving more. Sure enough the cocks began to really harden and again i was splattered by hot cream from each of them. As soon as the girls had finished with the boys, Elle and Jody knelt down next to me and began licking my breasts and stomach removing the warm cum from my body. I looked up and saw the Julie was sucking James hard, she looked me in the eye and removed James from her mouth, he knelt down between my legs and slowly slid his hard cock into my wet hole, my pussy was so wet he slipped straight in, but he knew he was very close to coming and began to fuck me really hard and fast, i felt his weight on my chest, his body shuddered, and felt his body spasm as he emptied himself into my hole. As he relaxed and pulled out of me, Julie replaced his cock and began to lick my pussy clean, she licked hard on my very swollen clit and slid 2 fingers inside me, frigging me off as she licked me out, i felt my body tense as i cried out as a massive orgasm ripped through my body, it was so intense, i lay there gasping for breath. Once my rapid breathing subsided i opened my eyes to see Jody being fucked hard and fast by Pete, Elle by Chris and Julian was enjoying the delights of Julie riding him on top whilst being kissed by Graham.

It was a long night, and when i woke on the sofa in Julies arms sometime the next morning i was exhausted. I looked around the room and saw that everyone was still naked and sprawled around the room, there were still some hard cocks to be seen, and some very soaked pussies, the room smelt of the morning after. I woke Julie and took her upstairs where we showered together and went back to bed where James who had seen us leave downstairs was waiting for us. When we did surface around 6 everyone had left, i checked Facebook, and everyone commented on the great party of last night.

A Great Service

RRW112 Every morning and late afternoon i drop my kids off at their pre-school, and then pretty much have the rest of the day to myself. Most Mondays i meet with some other mums for coffee straight after dropping the kids off. The coffee session a couple of weeks ago led me down a path i thought i would never go down, but how glad am i that i joined the girls then.
As usual the 6 of us met and had a chat about nothing much as we do every week, eventually everyone started to leave, and i was left with Jenny. Jenny is a bit of a plain Mum, but lovely with it, but not someone that you would expect to do something out of the ordinary. She was really well dressed and made up this morning and i asked her if she was off anywhere nice, she smiled nervously and said that she had something planned, but nothing too exciting, she then went very quiet. I didn’t want to pry so i left it at that, however after a few seconds Jenny decided that she wanted to share more. “I do something every Monday afternoon” she blurted. “I’m not really happy at home at the moment, since John and I had kids our life has changed and we have sorted drifted apart, we never have sex, and i have a high sex drive, i meet someone on a Monday afternoon and pay for sex, it keeps me sane”, i sat there with my mouth wide open, aghast. “I was introduced to Kevin by a friend, he has a small place he uses to entertain his clients, no strings sex, and it is really good, but please keep this to yourself”, she added. I didn’t know what to say, except the first thing that came into my head “I know that men pay for sex, but i didn’t know women did, is it expensive?”, Jenny giggled “It’s not that bad, i pay £150 for 2 hours of his time, John just sees the cash withdrawal, he presumes i am just shopping again, never asks”. With that Jenny finished her coffee and left. I went on my way and did the things that i had to do, the same as i do every Monday, however, my thoughts continually wandered back to my conversation with Jenny. I was in a similar position to Jenny, i have a lovely husband Sam who i adore, but he works long hours and when he gets home is always tired, and at the weekend we are so busy that we never have any special time, we hadn’t had sex for 4 months, and my only release was with my well used Vibrator.
I stood in my kitchen ironing, thinking how un-exciting my life had become when my phone pinged, it was a message from Jenny. ‘Here is Kevins number, just in case’. Cheeky mare i thought, and i went to delete the message when something in my head told me to stop and i simply saved it. All week i thought about Jenny, and wondered what she had been up to on Monday afternoon, and most afternoons had to use my trusted vibrator to relieve myself, it was a fucking horny week. By Friday i was past the point of no return, and nervously sent a text to Kevin, ‘Hi, my name is Sarah, i am a friend of Jenny’s, i understand that you may be able to help me with something i need’, seconds later my phone pinged ‘Hi Sarah, maybe, why don’t we meet for coffee’. We arranged to meet the following week in a small coffee shop in town.
I was a bag of nerves all weekend, and by Tuesday morning was all over the place. I dropped the kids off and made my way to the coffee shop in town, i had no idea how this was going to pan out, so i had withdrawn £200 from the cashpoint, just in case. I entered the coffee shop and ordered a coffee, i was the only customer in the place and felt very exposed. 2 minutes later a young guy in his early thirties entered the shop and ordered a coffee, he turned around and looked at me, smiling, “Sarah?” he enquired. My legs went all wobbly with nerves, what the fuck was i doing?. Kevin came over to me and sat down, gently shaking my hand. Kevin was not what i would call gorgeous, but he was quite handsome, polite and warm in a friendly kind of way. “How can i help you?” Kevin enquired, i didn’t know what to say, i didn’t really know why i was even here. Kevin said “Don’t be nervous, look, you know what i do, i know that Jenny gave you my number, i offer a service for ladies that are a little neglected but don’t want to have an affair, so i offer something that they want, that they are willing to pay for”, “It is not something seedy, or dirty, and if something happened and you didn’t feel comfortable you would only have to say ‘stop’ and we would stop”. “Let me explain, i am a single Dad, i won’t want my kids growing up seeing me with a string of girlfriends, but i like female company, and love sex. I drop my kids off at school and pick them up later, during the day i offer my services, and 3 nights a week i use a babysitter and work then too. I have a little studio upstairs above here that i use, i don’t take my work home.” I was a little surprised with how upfront he was, “I would like to try your services, how much do you charge?” i asked and he replied “You pay want you want to pay, but most of my clients pay around £150 for a couple of hours of my time”. There was no going back for me from here, i was in and my pussy was started to show signs of being really keen, i could feel my it starting to get warm, and i knew my lips were swelling up, but i was really nervous, and i was sure that Kevin could tell.
“How i normally work is that i meet my clients here and give them a key to my studio, they go up there and prepare themselves and i go up 10 minutes later, my clients put some music on or whatever makes them feel comfortable, and maybe help themselves to a glass of water or wine from the fridge, and we take it from there. Most or my clients are really nervous the first time, we just take it slowly”, i looked at Kevin and he put a small key on the table with a fob that said the studio number, the entrance is just next door, i stood up and left the coffee shop with the key in my hand.
Not knowing what to expect i entered into Kevins studio and looked around, it was beautiful, tastefully decorated with a fridge in the corner, a small bathroom and a large bed. The floor was wooden and the bed linen was white with a deep purple throw. I knew that there was no going back now, and i was absolutely gagging to be fucked, it had been too long.
I was unsure what to do now, but i knew i had a few minutes to get ready, so as suggested i helped myself to a large glass of cold Sauvignon Blanc, it was too early in the morning for wine, but i needed some dutch courage, I took a peek through the blinds in the window and saw people in the street, no-one taking any notice of what i was up to. Drinking my wine quickly, i went into the bathroom and saw some empty clothes hangers on a rail, a silk gown, some toiletries, some perfumes and an un-opened toothbrush, which i presumed was for me to use if i wished. I slowly undressed myself, hanging my clothes on the rail, until i was down to my underwear, i opened the toothbrush and cleaned my teeth, then removed my bra, rubbing my 34DD breasts and cupping them in my hands, my nipples were like little bullets. I slowly removed my knickers, smelling my excitement as i bent down to remove them, i looked in the mirror and admired myself before walking back into the room and slipping into the sumptuous bed. A minute or so later i heard footsteps on the stairs, and the studio door opened, Kevin smiled as he walked in, “I see that you have made yourself comfortable” he said, and then disappeared into the bathroom. Kevin walked out a minute later, naked, his body was toned, but not too muscly, but he looked good, his cock was still soft, but looked plump and very appetising. Kevin opened the drawer next to the bed, removing some massage oil, some lube and a condom. He climbed in the bed next to me, i giggled very nervously, god knows why, it wasn’t the first time is was having sex. Kevin gently rolled me over onto my front and began to expertly massage my shoulders, rubbing his hands all over my shoulders and neck, it was very relaxing, and i was feeling very chilled. He slowly pulled the bed covers back and sat up on his knees, reached over to the massage oil, poured some on his hand and began massaging my whole back, bum and legs. I could feel his firm hands sliding all over my body, i wanted him to touch me all over, but realised this was not a part of his plan. He tantalisingly massaged me for a while, i knew that if he fingered me now i would come almost instantly, sex with Sam had never been like this. Kevin asked me to gently roll over, i did as i was told and he applied more oil to my body and began massaging my breasts, tummy and legs, leaving my pussy well alone. I was desperate for his cock which had grown now and i wrapped my fingers around it, slowly wanking him, he was rock hard within seconds. I leant forward to put it in my mouth, but he pushed me gently back, “This is about you, relax”, and carried on massaging my body. My pussy was almost on fire, i could feel my juice dribbling out of me, i was ready for him, and needed him.

Kevin moved down my body, i parted my legs in anticipation, he leant forward and began kissing my tits, then slowly began kissing down my body, moving down towards my now very exposed cunt, he blew gently on my already swollen lips and quickly slid his tongue in between them, circling and rubbing my clit. I could stand it, and my body heated up and within seconds in was writhing around on the sheets, my orgasm pulsating through my body, i clamped my legs closed, i couldn’t bear him continuing, i was too sensitive down there. Kevin smiled and rolled me gently back onto my front, and continued to massage me, i relaxed in the glow of my orgasm. Kevin massaged my shoulders again, my back and legs, eventually returning to my bum, massaging that for a few minutes, and then slipping his hand back between my legs, i slowly opened them again and he began to rub my slit, then sliding 2 fingers into my hot, wet sticky hole, it felt great. He rubbing my pussy for a few minutes, i knew i was ready again, so i rolled over onto my back and opened my legs wide. Kevin reached over to the condom and expertly rolled it on to his full length, i watched as he moved between my legs and felt his heat touch my swollen lips, i felt his length slide slowly and gently into me, then gently sliding in and out in a rhythm, i lay there in bliss. His cock shaft was rubbing on my lips and stimulating my clit, the sensation slowly started to bring me towards orgasm again, i began to breathe faster and more heavily, and i noticed that Kevin had increased the thrust of his cock and the speed, the nearer i came towards my orgasm the more forceful Kevin’s thrust became, i cried out in delight and my second orgasm of the morning shattered through my body, seconds later i felt Kevin’s cock get really hard and his body shuddered as he emptied himself.

We both lay there for a few minutes, i was surrounded by mixed emotions, i had just had great sex, but had cheated on Sam. I got up and went to the bathroom and tidied myself up. I looked at my watch, i had been with Kevin for over 2 and a half hours, i looked in the mirror and my skin looked radiant, albeit a little flushed. I got dressed and walked back into the bedroom, Kevin was sat up on the bed. I bent forward and kissed his cheek, “thanks” i said. I put my £200 on the drawer by the bed, “i hope that is OK for today”, he looked up and smiled “thanks” he replied. I gathered my bag and left the studio room.

I did feel guilty for a short while, but realised that it is not an affair, more of a needs satisfaction service, I now go shopping every Tuesday morning, i don’t need the wine for dutch courage any more, and it is like going to college again, i’m always learning, and guess what Sam never asks what i am buying each week.

Fun On The Farm

After seeing what i saw on the farm, i just had to finish myself off again

After seeing what i saw on the farm, i just had to finish myself off again

At 20 i would categorise myself as a shy innocent virgin by any means, but i have only had sex with 3 different guys, never with another girl, never outside and have never watched a hard porn film. I still haven’t had any more men than 3, or been with another girl, or had sex outside (with someone else) or watched a hard porn film, but i have definitely had the very next best thing, let me tell you more.
I work on a farm as a stable girl, i love working outside and love working with animals. The farm is owned by an old couple who i don’t really see too much of, and i pretty much work on my own and am left to my own devices. The farm is reasonably secluded and i only really see the riders who stable their horses at the farm, delivery people and the occasional walker as the farm is criss-crossed with footpaths each day. Last week i was in the bottom field repairing a fence that a horse had damaged, minding my own business, when i heard voices. I looked around an saw a young couple come through the gate and walk along the footpath, they looked like they were having fun and i carried on working minding my own business. The couple walked across the field to the next gate where they stopped, i saw the guy out of the corner of my eye bend down and pick something up. I stopped working to see what he was up to. He had picked up a horse crop that had been left in the field, he waved it towards the girl, she laughed loudly and jokingly turned around and bent over. He gently smacked her on the bottom with the crop and she yelped with delight. I moved around some hay bales that were in the field so that i could watch them. The girl laughed and asked him to do it again, he did, but a bit harder. She yelped again and asked for more, i could see her face, she was really enjoying this. The guy smacked her again a few more times and the girl spread her legs apart and the guy begun to slap the crop against the crotch of her jeans, and then again on her arse. The girl was panting and i could see that she was getting a little red. She stood up and turned around, kissing her companion full on the lips, i could see her hips grinding on his crotch. The couple kissed for some time before she dropped her hands to the top of his jeans and expertly undid then, her hand sliding straight inside, i could see her hand moving up and down inside his jeans, i guessed that she was wanking his cock, i could feel myself getting aroused.
The girl pulled her hand out of his jeans, and lifted up her t-shirt, removing it, she then removed her Bra and then quickly kicked off her shoes, pulled off her jeans and knickers leaving herself naked, the guy had done almost the same, just leaving on his boxer shorts. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the hay bales i was behind, picking up the crop on the way. She bent forward over the bottom bales and asked him to smack her again, hard. I was only 3 or 4 metres away, well hidden but i was worried that they would hear my deep breaths that i was now taking, my knickers were getting really wet, and i could feel my cunt lips swelling inside my jodhpur’s. I could see the guys solid cock hidden in his boxers, it looked huge, bigger than the ones i had experienced before. He took the crop in his hand and smacked the girl hard, she gasped, and he smacked her again, and again and again, i could see the wheals rising on her pert bum cheeks, occasionally he smacked her between the legs, she yelped at this, but asked for more, the smacking continued. She was bent over rubbing at her tits furiously with her hands, her nipples were rock hard, i could see her pinching them and twisting them, the smacking continued. I noticed that my hand was rubbing between my legs, i was really turned on and wished that i could join in, i undid my jodhpurs, slid my hand inside and down to my very, very wet slit. My clit was swollen like a giant pea, i began to wank myself off. The guy stopped smacking the girl and she rolled over, rolling forward, she pulled down his boxers, and his huge cock sprang out. The girl grabbed it with her hand and pulled the guy forward, lowering her head and opening her mouth. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and began to expertly take him. The cock was really hard and swollen and the girl was really having to open her mouth wide to take it all in. I was wanking myself furiously, only stopping occasionally to let my orgasm subside or to slip 2 or 3 fingers into my soaking hole.
The girl stopped sucking the huge cock and lay back again on the bales, lifting her leg and showing the guy her cunt, it was glistening and really swollen, “I’m going to cum, so fuck me now as i know that you are too”. The guy moved forward and guided his full length into the girls twat, i heard it squelch as he entered her. I watched as the guys hips thrust backwards and forwards rapidly, the girl started bucking her hips and i saw her face go bright red, she screamed with delight, the guy pulled his cock out of her and emptied his load over her body, he too cried out. They both collapsed together, i knew i was about to come too, and i let out a scream, startling them both. The orgasm shuddered through my body, and my knees went weak, i kept coming and coming until my cunt became so sensitive it couldn’t touch it any more. We all just looked at each other.
The guy and the girl stood up and hurriedly put their clothes back on, looked at me apologetically and quickly made their way across the field. I have to stand there for 10 minutes trying to compose myself, my cunt was soaking, so were my knickers. I returned back to my work, convinced that i could smell my scent for the rest of the afternoon, although i must admit i did take a break a short while later to sort myself out again, and fuck myself with the handle of the hammer i had been using, cool solid aluminium, it felt so good, and i felt so horny.

Christmas Table Tease

117799_Mobile I’m not a great lover of christmas dinner parties, or more likely wasn’t a lover of christmas dinner parties until last week.

Over christmas i was invited to a pre-new year dinner party with some people from work. There were 6 couples attending the party, that being 5 couples already together, myself and a girl called Carla from our customer service team. I really wasn’t that bothered about going as i had recently split up with my girlfriend and was not in the mood, i also knew that Carla had recently split up with her boyfriend and I felt that we were being set up. Joanne had organised the party and assured me that Carla wasn’t interested in dating anyone at the moment and we were just making up the numbers.

So, off to the party. I arrived quite early and found that the only other guests who had arrived before me was James from Sales, and his wife. We made a bit of small talk whilst waiting for the other guests to arrive and soon we were joined by the rest of the party, including Carla, who was wearing a short skirt, heels and a low, but not revealing top, she looked great. I had not really taken much notice of Carla before, but tonight i really couldn’t miss her, gone was the shy girl image she obviously portrayed at work, this Carla looked a lot more fun.

Everyone was called to take their seats for dinner and we all made our way through to the dining room. The seating arrangements had already been planned and to my pleasant surprise i found myself seated next to Carla, we all sat down and starters arrived. Carla quickly grabbed an open bottle of wine and poured herself a fairly large glass, drinking it almost immediately, promptly refilling her glass. She looked across at me, did a little hiccup, and said “How rude of me, i forgot to offer you some” and went on to pour the rest of the wine into my glass, she had obviously had a few sharpeners before she came out. Whilst waiting for the main courses to arrive Carla leant over to me and asked me to pass her some more wine, i poured her some and topped my glass up. “I was dreading tonight”, she said, “Its all couples and i thought i would be the gooseberry in the corner, i didn’t realise you were coming too”, “I was the same” i replied, slightly lying as i knew in advance the Carla was going to be there. “I’ve recently split up with my boyfriend, he was a right wanker, i fancied a night out but did’t want to be on my own. I’m glad you are here”. “Ive recently split up with my girlfriend, so I’m in a sort of similar position” i replied. We made some small talk over the main course and resumed our conversation whilst waiting for the dessert to arrive. “Can you please pass me some more wine?” Carla asked, she was slurring her words a little now, but what a lady wants a lady gets, so i passed her the bottle. “I said that i wasn’t going to drink wine or have sex until the new year, but thats fucked half of it” Carla blurted, i laughed, “and i have the lady curse this week so at least i won’t break the other rule”, i smiled at Carla unsure what to make of the comment, “You’re really sweet, i thought that you were a boring stiff, but you are actually quite funny”, she was obviously entering the drunk and overly honest phase. The dessert plates were taken away and it was decided that we would stay at the table for Cheese, Biscuits and Port, Carla moved across closer to me and put her right hand on my left thigh. “We should go out in the new year for dinner” Carla suggested, “I’m not sure if i’m ready for a proper date yet, everything is still a little raw” I said, “Does that mean this is a little raw?” she replied as she slipped her hand right straight onto my cock, “err, no that is fine actually”, “good” she said. Her hand stayed on my cock, which had now decided to grow. I tried to move away to the right, but Carla stayed close and began massaging me, i didn’t know what to do next, worried in case everyone decided to move to another room and i had to stand up with a growing hard on in my trousers. “Relax” Carla whispered “No-one will know” as she began to massage my now very hard cock through my clothes. The Cheese came and the Port was poured, i tried to maintain my composure, but it was difficult with an attractive lady rubbing me under the table, my cock was virtually straining itself against my trousers, Carla continued to rub. Her hand was gliding up and down my length, squeezing my very swollen end each time. Suddenly i felt her fumble and find the zip to my trousers, so gently pulled it down and slid her hand inside the open entrance in my trousers, once inside she grasped her hand firmly around me and began to gently wank me through my boxer shorts. Carla’s hand tightened around my helmet each time she reached the top, i felt a little stickiness as she headed a drop of pre-come from me each time. Carla was un-beleivable, she was making conversation with other guests whilst wanking me off under the table, i sat their like a frightened rabbit in headlights. The speed of her wanking and pressure on my rock hard cock increased and i knew that she was going to make me come in my boxers, her hand was sliding my full length now and i had the sensation that i was going to come soon, she gave me a couple more strokes and i felt my cock begin to twitch, she gently slowed and milked every last drop of spunk from me. Slowly tucking me back in to my trousers and zipping me up, she pulled her hand from under the table and i noticed some of my sticky juice on her fingers, she slid her finger into her mouth and licked the hot juice away.

I sat there perplexed, and a little red around the cheeks, Carla carried on as if nothing had happened. I passed Carla some more wine, she thanked me and whispered “Take me for that date in January and i guarantee you won’t be disappointed”. We have arranged a date for January, and I’m sure I’m not going to be disappointed.

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