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Jul 01

Tour Surprise

Tanya Hi, i’m Tanya, and i’ve got a story that i’d love to share with you.

I’m 19 and a student in Leeds studying in marketing. A normal girl really, you know GCSE’s, A Level’s and then that big break away from the family to go to University. I’ve always been a good girl, and apart from the odd grope at school disco’s i left home to go to uni still intact, if you know what i mean.

At uni i’ve been with a couple of guys, but just had fumble sex, to be honest it was either not that good, or hadn’t lasted too long. However, to occupy myself i discovered that i love playing with myself, and often have my fingers or vibrator inside me most evenings, often dreaming about what ‘great sex’ is like, i’m pretty sure that making myself cum is not as exciting as someone else doing it for you.

And …… i now know for sure it’s not the same, let me tell you how i know ……..

I came back from Uni at the end of May and spent the first 2 weeks of summer lazing around and catching up with friends. However, my parents had agreed to go away with my brother on a football tour for the 3rd week of June, he plays for a local team who tour each year in France. My parents suggested that i go with them, just to get some time away with them, i sort of reluctantly agreed. To my horror i found that we were staying at a College in France and were using the student halls as rooms, and to my surprise i found that my Dad was going to share a room with my brother and i would have to share with my Mum.

After a couple of days of watching football and socialising with the other families i was getting bored, and frustrated, bored of football this and football that, and frustrated with not being able to lie in bed at night with my fingers sliding between that lips of my pussy and bringing myself off. However, i soon discovered though that whilst most parents watched the football in the afternoon, i was able to sneak off back to my room and play to my hearts content, often making up for the lack of privacy by bringing myself off with my fingers or vibrator 2 or 3 times before everyone returned, i was reasonably happy with my compromise. On the Thursday we had an absolutely scorching hot day, and i decided to return to the residences just after lunch, and as it was so hot i would take a shower. The showers were communal, but decided that as everyone was watching the football i would risk a quick shower before returning to my room. I undressed in my room, wrapped a towel around me and nipped off to the shower room, there was no-one around so i jumped into the shower cubicle and loosely pulled the curtain across, the tepid water ran onto my body, and i instantly felt cooler. I lathered my body with cooling shower gel, and rubbed my hands over myself, the cool water had hardened my nipples, and when my hand brushed over my breasts i discovered that my nipples were feeling really sensitive, i felt a shudder run down my spine. I gently massaged my breasts and started to feel quite horny. Re-assuring myself that there was no-one around by listening for sounds, i took the shower head and sprayed the cool water onto my pussy. The water ran through my thin blonde hairs and down between my lips, the trickling sensation on my lips and clit made me even more horny and i knew that i was in for a massive orgasm later when i returned to my room. The feeling of the water spraying onto my now rapidly swelling lips made me start to feel really desperate, and decided that i needed to work myself there and then. I lifted my right leg up onto a stool in the corner of the cubicle and used my hands to gently separate my lips, my middle finger instantly finding my now very swollen clit, and i began to rub myself vigorously, still constantly spraying water onto myself, i was in heaven. I knew that i did not want to get caught, but neither did i want to stop, i just carried on. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye i saw a shadow, instantly dropping my foot to the floor, i peek out of the curtain and to my surprise saw Kevin and Jon, 2 of fathers of my brothers friends standing staring at the shower curtain looking embarrassed, both in shorts, sporting what i could see as 2 huge erections.

‘I see that you like what you have seen’ i said casually, they both just nodded. I could not take my eyes off their hidden solid cocks, i knew that these were the cocks that were going to give me the best sex i had ever had. I stepped out of the shower naked, and didn’t even bother to take my towel, ‘so boys, what next’ i said casually. This was not the normal me, but i was really gagging for some really wild sex. Both Kevin and Jon looked at me with a glint in their eye, I stepped forward and rubbed their cocks through their shorts. I don’t know what came over me, but i knelt down and kissed their cocks through their shorts, then leant forward toward Kevin and slowly tugged his shorts down. His huge cock sprang out, it was long, thick and really hard. I slowly wrapped my hand around it and began to gently slide my hand backwards and forwards, wanking Kevin slowly. Jon had pulled his own shorts down, and had an equally impressive cock, i leant forward and kissed his foreskin free helmet, it tasted hot and slightly salty, the taste was amazing, and i opened my mouth and allow him to push his length inside my mouth. Both Kevin and Jon were bending forward, rubbing their hands over my tits. I could feel myself dribbling from my oozing cunt i was so turned on, i looked up at Jon, pulled his cock from my mouth, took it in my hand and switched my mouth to give Kevin some attention, whilst slowly wanking Jon with long firm strokes. I knew one of the 3 of us would cum like this soon and it wasn’t what i wanted. I took Kevin’s cock from my mouth and told him to lie on the floor, he did as asked. I moved across and straddled Kevin’s hips, leaning forward i guided his swollen cock towards my sodden hole and slowly impaled myself on it, i felt my cunt being stretched, and the cock slide its full length into me, i began riding it like a woman possessed. Jon offered me his cock again, i opened my mouth and took him back inside me, taking his cock in my mouth more with the rocking motion of riding Kevin. I could feel my orgasm starting to build and i began rocking more rhythmically, i could also feel Jon’s cock starting to harden even more and gently twitch, i noticed that Kevin’s breathing was also increasing in pace, we were all about to cum. Kevin begin to buck, his cock stretched me even further and i felt his hot juice began to pump into me, Jon looked me in the eye, and i felt him push forward, his cock going fully into my mouth, i nearly choked as he shot his seed into my mouth, it was pumping and pumping his hot juice into my throat, i felt hot, really hot, flushed, and then started bucking wildly myself as my orgasm ripped through my body, the sensation almost making me feint. I just lay forward weak, wet and totally exhausted.

The guys put their shorts back on and tucked their spent cocks back inside, i went back to the shower to rinse myself again, feeling very satisfied, a little sore but sure that i would like a repeat of the afternoons action. After lunch on Friday, i went for another shower, only to find Kevin and Jon waiting there already, naked and hard.

Jun 13

Countryside Delight


I decided that i would take a day off from work earlier in the week, and i’m so glad i did.

I’ve been really busy for the last couple of weeks and felt i was in a bit of a rut. I have been working long hours, travelling home and then having to cook tea for the kids and my hubby, get the kids off to bed etc etc, and by the time i had time for myself it was usually 10pm, and i was too tired to stay up so went off to bed. It was causing a little tension between my hubby and I, so i decided to take a day off and do my own thing.

On Monday, i woke as usual, got the kids ready and packed off to school, and by 8.45 i was sat in my kitchen, blissfully alone with a cup of coffee and no plans for the day. Outside it was already warm and i decided to take myself off for a walk in the area where i live. It is a great area with lots of fields and places to wander. I grabbed my book and a few other bits, chucked them in a small bag and set off on my little adventure.

I must have walked for at least a couple of hours when i found myself in a small village i vaguely knew around 6 miles from where i live. The sun was beating down, and i realised i was a little hungry and thirsty, so i stopped at the small village pub and sat outside with a nice glass of wine and a sandwich, in fact i had 2 large glasses of wine and felt very chilled. I decided to carry on my little trip and began heading back towards home over the fields. Around halfway i decided to stop and sit in the silence of the countryside, and to read my book for a while. I threw the towel i had bought with me on the ground and sat down to read. As i lay back, the warm sun and the wine relaxed me even more and i dropped off to sleep, dozing lightly. I woke up a short time later feeling all hazy and content, but also fucking horny. I vaguely remembered some kind of dream about me and my hubby having sex in the same field, the more i thought about it, the more horny i felt, and decided that i would bring my husband back to the spot and give him a treat in the next couple of weeks.

My pussy felt hot, and i could tell it was quite moist, my knickers were sticking to my slit and i felt uncomfortable. Standing up, i looked around, i was miles from anyone, alone. What the fuck i thought, I bent down and slid my knickers slowly down my legs, removing them when they reached my feet, the light breeze blew my skirt, and the cool refreshing air circulated around my pussy. I sat down again, my pussy feeling much cooler. I tried to read my book again, but my mind had other ideas, and kept taking me back to my dream of earlier. I used my hand to raise my skirt, and my hand brushed against my thighs, i couldn’t help myself, i lay back and closed my eyes, my hand started stroking my pussy. My hand began exploring my soft, almost hairless mound, i ran my fingers across the top of my swollen lips and began rubbing my fingers along the lines of my soft wet slit. My lips continued to swell and i began to contour the gorgeous pink flaps of skin, eventually sliding a finger between them and rubbing myself up and down on the inside. I could feel my pussy dribbling and i slowly worked past my soaking hole up towards my clit. It was so swollen i could practically pinch it between my thumb and forefinger. I used my finger to start to gently circle and caress my swollen nub, increasing the speed and intensity slowly until i was wanking myself furiously. I didn’t have to wait long before i could feel a climax building, so i started to wank, and then dip fuck myself with 2 fingers, then wank again to prolong myself, i didn’t really work in the way i anticipated and within a minute i was thrashing around on my towel as i came and came onto my already soaking wet fingers, i had to stop, my clit had gone so sensitive i couldn’t bear continuing to touch myself.

I lay back and sighed deeply with my eyes closed, laying there for a minute in utter bliss, eventually sitting myself upright and opening my eyes. I gasped with surprise as i stared forward to see a young man stood about 3 metres from me. His jeans were undone and his boxer shorts pulled down, he had a handsome, and very large cock in his hand and was gently wanking himself. I opened my mouth in total shock, and the guy went instantly red and began fumbling with his boxer shorts and jeans trying to hide his massive member. I looked at him pitifully, he was obviously young, and probably still a virgin, i felt bad as to what he had probably seen. ‘It’s OK’ i said, ‘i’ve seen one before’, he just stood there with around 6 inches of rock hard cock pointing out of his boxers and jeans. I didn’t know what to do, so i said ‘come here’, they guy slowly came towards me, and as he reached my side, i took my hand and wrapped it around his thick shaft, slowly moving my hand up and down his length. My fingers could hardly reach around his he was so big, although his cock was really hard, and i presumed on its way to coming. I could see his pre-come glistening on the end of his hard purple helmet. I decided to give him a treat, and began to increase the pace of my hand movements, sliding my hand up and down the full length of this shaft, i didn’t take long for the pace of his breathing to increase, so i plunged the end of his cock into my mouth, and was instantly rewarded by a never ending stream of hot come, his cock just pumped and pumped more of the salty fluid down my throat, i thought i was going to have to disappoint him and pull out. Eventually he went a little soft and i removed his cock from me. He just stood there looking really embarrassed, eventually pulling himself beck into his jeans, doing them up and virtually running away, no byes, or thanks you, not that one was expected.

I gathered my bits and finished my walk home, giggling to myself. I shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and i felt really good that at 42 i can still float the boat of a young man. I plan to take my husband back to the same spot next week, but he will be allowed to fill my hole with his hard cock and fill me with spunk, I’m looking forward to it already.

May 26

Holiday Blues

Fun Together I’ve just returned from a week in the sun in Majorca, a last minute holiday that my husband couldn’t join me on, so i went with a friend, Debbie, who had recently separated from a long term boyfriend and was in need of a break.

We just used our week to chill out, doing the same thing every day, wake up, beach, sunbathe, back to hotel, shower, dress for a night out, dinner, drinks, club and back to hotel for bed. It was just what we both needed. We had a bit of flirty fun with the guys out there, but nothing more, we just wanted to have a chill and a good time.

On our last day we had decided to come off the beach at lunch time and have a nice long lunch and drink some wine in the afternoon. We found a lovely little Spanish restaurant and ordered a paella for 2 and a nice bottle of cool white wine. The sun was shining and the wine slipped down easily. The paella was divine, and we were relaxed, so we ordered a second bottle of wine.

Our conversation covered almost every conceivable subject, but typically ended on the subject of sex.I was complaining that i didn’t feel my hubby and i had enough time for sex, life was just too busy, Debbie complained that her ex-boyfriend was a bit disappointing in the sack, and rarely made her come, usually resulting in her having to look after herself after her boyfriend had post coitally fallen asleep. I mentioned that whilst my hubby was usually really good at looking after me, and usually made me come before he came, although i still loved wanking myself off, and often did 2 or 3 times a week. The conversation was making me quite horny and i could feel i was getting a little bit swollen and wet. I knew i was going to have to pleasure myself at some point soon, although it was going to be a little difficult as i was sharing my room with Debbie.

We finished the wine, paid the bill and left the restaurant, heading back to the hotel. The hotel room was warm, and we agreed that we would have a little drunken sleep before getting ready to go out. As the room was so warn, i stripped all of my clothes off and just lay on top of the bed covers, drifting off to a light sleep, Debbie did the same.

As i came around from my light sleep, i opened my eyes and saw Debbie lying on her side facing me, still lightly sleeping. I noticed how cute her tits were, she had really cute nipples and her tits were really pert. I glanced downwards and saw her nicely trimmed mound of hair, just cutely tucked between her leg. I remembered my urge from the restaurant and decided that this was the opportunity to pleasure myself in the bathroom, whilst Debbie was asleep. I nipped off to the bathroom and quietly closed the door, not totally shutting it as the lock was noisy, it didn’t matter if it wasn’t closed, Debbie was still asleep.

I gently rubbed my hands across my tits and my nipples immediately became erect, i thought about Debbie’s breasts and how cute her nipples were, the thought was making me wet, i was keen to have a huge orgasm. Moving my hand downwards, i lifted my left leg up and rested my foot on the rim of the bath, exposing my pussy so my hand could move straight in to my swollen lips. My fingers parted my lips and i immediately found my already swollen bud, as soon as i touched my clit, a shudder ran through my body, i knew i was not going to last long, i wondered what i had been dreaming about.

I immediately began furiously rubbing myself, circling my clit, and occasionally slipping a couple of fingers into myself. God, i was horny and i wanted more, opening my legs wider to give me a chance to slip 3 fingers inside me, i was desperate to come, and i was slowly starting to build towards my orgasm. I suddenly heard a noise, christ i was so close to coming, and Debbie was awake. I dropped my leg to the floor and pulled my fingers out of my now soaking wet cunt. I quietly opened the door and peeked around the corner, my eyes nearly popped out of my head, Debbie was on her bed on all fours, her legs spread wide and her hand furiously working her soaking slit, i stood and watched, i was mesmerised. Suddenly Debbie seized, stopped and rolled over on to her back, staring up at me “finished?” she asked me, “I could hear you in the bathroom, christ you were really going for it, you made me horny and i had to start on myself. How long have you been watching?”, “I hadn’t finished” i replied, “I thought you were awake”, “i am” Debbie replied “Very”. I started at her cute body, I had to come and so did Debbie. I leant forward, pushing Debbie back, bent down and begun sucking on Debbies nipples, they were like little bullets, she groaned noisily. I continued kissing her nipples, when i felt Debbie hand slide across my thighs and slip between my legs, “you are fucking soaking” she moaned, her fingers parted my lips and began gently circling my clit, she began to work me firmly, i parted my legs slightly and she slid 2 fingers into my hole, i was i heaven. I moved my head down and gently kissed Debbies stomach and moved down towards the trimmed mound of hair. She smelt gorgeous, i nuzzled down towards her pussy, Debbie parted her legs, I slid my tongue between her lips and began lapping at her cunt, at the same time Debbie continued to wank my clit furiously. I was so horny and knew that my orgasm was again building, Debbie had started to pant louder too, i knew she was almost there as well. We both continued to work each other, and i suddenly started gasping for breath, my orgasm shot through my body, my legs going weak, the pulses of pleasure shooting through my body. I started to suck on Debbie’s clit and within seconds her body started spasming as her own orgasm shot through her body.

I lay on the bed next to Debbie, both of us dripping in sweat, breathing erratically, just cuddling up to each other, we fell asleep in each others arms. We woke and hour or so later, and kissed, repeating the whole episode again. We didn’t go out for dinner, we made the most of the room service instead.

We didn’t need to have that difficult conversation the next morning, neither of us are lesbians and whilst i am pretty sure that we will have a repeat at some point soon, i needed to go home and get my husbands fantastic cock inside me. I did tell me hubbie about some of the previous day as he slammed his rock hard cock inside me that night, and he suggested that maybe we should have Debbie around for dinner one night. Maybe i will suggest that to her.

Apr 21

Fun in the sun

Wanking fun I’ve just returned from a week in the sun in Tenerife. I’m single at the moment, and decided to grab a quick week of spring sun at the last minute as a bit of a treat. I like nothing more than doing my own thing on holiday, getting up when i want to, chilling on the beach or by the pool reading a book and then nipping out for dinner in the evening and being back in the hotel by 10ish, to get a good night sleep. Some people may find this a bit boring, but for me it is perfect.

Last week was no different, except on the day before i came home.

On that day i had been by the pool reading my book, and as a treat had had a couple of glasses of wine in the early afternoon. I was feeling really mellow and a bit sleepy by 3, so decided to go back to my room and have a ‘siesta’. I wandered back to my room and opened the doors to my balcony, the day was hot, but the breeze from the sea was lovely and cooling. I stripped off, and after admiring myself in the mirror lay down on my bed for a little sleep, i quickly dozed off. I remember having a little dream about the guy who lives in the apartment opposite mine at home, he’s not available, but there was obviously no harm in dreaming about him, the dream was really steamy and raunchy. I woke slowly from my sleep to find my hand cupping my pussy, lightly touching my lips, gently stroking them with my fingers, i quickly remembered my dream. I could smell the sweet smell of my pussy and realised how turned on i felt, i gave my clit a gentle brush and felt my body shiver. I knew that i needed to look after myself, so i got off my bed and walked over to the balcony to shut the doors. I peeked out of the doors and realised that my balcony was only overlooked by 2 other rooms, and their doors were closed, and i presumed empty. I was feeling really wet and horny, i slid my hand down towards my slit and gently parted my lips, raising my leg on the sun bed which lay on my balcony to give me easier access. I slipped 2 fingers inside me, they went straight inside, my hole was soaking. The warmth from the sun and the gentle cooling breeze made me feel even more horny, i decided that i would sort my needs out outside on the sunbed. I lay back and dropped my legs either side of the bed, closed my eyes and moved my hands up to my breasts, gently rubbing them and circling my nipples with my fingers, they became instantly hard and erect, i have really sensitive nipples. My left hand wandered back down my body, stopping at my landing strip of hair, circling gently above my lips before sliding my fingers downwards between my lips and starting to rub my swollen clit, i could feel my juice literally dribbling out of me.

I carried on working my clit, opening my legs wider to get a better position, working myself up to the brink of orgasm, before slowing down and letting the sensation abate, before returning to the job in hand and bringing myself back up again. Rubbing myself gently and occasionally slipping fingers inside myself, i knew that there would be a point of no return soon, but i was loving this and didn’t want it to end. After a few more minutes, i knew i could not hold off any longer and my wanting got a little faster and more determined, i was literally in heaven, this was the best wank i had had for a long time, it was fantastic. I felt my orgasm welling up inside me and i knew i would not be able to hold off again, my body began to buck as the powerful sensation raced through my body, i felt my body convulsing with the power of the orgasm, i was sweating, panting and breathing heavily, i just lay there with my eyes closed trying to recover.

As my breathing got back to normal and i had started to calm down, i heard a noise nearby, breathing, heavy fast breathing and some quiet moans of pleasure. I opened my eyes and look across at the previously empty adjacent balcony, to see an attractive blond woman, aged about 30 standing in her bikini, with her leg lifted on her sunbed, her hand inside her bikini bottom, wanking furiously. I watched as she let out a muffled moan, she shuddered and her face went red, the after sex feeling, she had just bought herself off too. We just stared at each other.

Justine apologised first, she told me that she had come back to her room to get some sun cream and had heard a noise on the balcony and had come to investigate. When she discovered my on the next balcony, she was initially a little shocked, but could not resist watching me, herself becoming horny at the slight and letting the temptation of doing herself get the better of her. We both showered and met downstairs in the bar for a night out. Neither Justine or I are into the girl on girl thing, but we both agreed that we had both just been part of one of the horniest things ever.

Mar 29

Well Decorated

Decotating Hi, i’m Megan, 31 years old, size 12, 32FF boobs, single, and a self employed decorator.

I’m really lucky, i enjoy my life and love my job. The only downside is that i love sex, and as i’m single i often have to go without, usually resulting in me using my Rampant Rabbit on a twice daily basis, it does the trick, but not like the real thing.

Last week i had picked up some work by recommendation at a large house in the town that i live in. I’d seen the house through the hedge a couple of times when i had walked past, but had never taken too much notice. The owner, Kevin, had called me to ask me to price up re-painting the room where their swimming pool was housed. I had gone over and given Kevin a quote, and sealed the deal. Kevin was a nice looking guy, but seemed quite shy. He explained that he lived alone as he and his wife were separated, but it suited him as he spent a lot of time working away and he loved the house and didn’t want to sell it.

Kevin explained that he would be away the following week and gave me a key to let me into the pool so i could let myself in, i had said that the job would take 4/5 days.

Everything went well on the job and by Thursday night i only had a few hours more work to do, so i decided to get in early on Friday and get the job done. Friday morning arrived and i got to the house by 7.30am. I made a drink and sat by the pool to drink it. The water looked inviting and i dreamily thought how nice it would be to have a dip before starting work. My thoughts were getting the better of me, and i decided that as Kevin was away, the house was empty and no-one would know i would have a quick dip. I had no swimwear, but that did not matter as i was alone. Standing up, i slowly undid my overalls and slid them down my body, stepping out of them when they reached the floor, i unhooked my Bra and slowly slid it off, gently caressing my ample breasts and squeezing my nipples, making them instantly hard. I bent forward, hooking my fingers in the elastic of my knickers and slipping them slowly down. I was feeling really naughty and for some reason, quite horny. I slid my hand slowly down my body, reaching my mound, i quickly parted my legs and touched my clit, an electrifying shudder zipped through my body, my pussy was wet already. Sensing an urge to look after my self there and then, i thought better of it and slowly lowered myself into the lovely warm pool. Swimming naked is something i had not done before, and i loved it, it felt so sexy swimming up and down the pool without any restriction. After 15 minutes i decided that i should get on with the decorating, so i used the steps to exit the pool, as i reached the top step i heard a click in the direction of the sauna in the corner of the room, my heart skipped a beat. Knowing i was alone i wandered across to the sauna and see if i could find out what the source of the noise was. I opened the sauna door and looked inside, and jumped with fright when i saw Kevin sat there, hot and sweating, supporting a huge hard on, which he tried to cover with his hands. I didn’t know what to do, except stare at his huge dick, it was the biggest solid cock i had ever seem, it must have been 8 inches long.

I noticed that Kevin could not take his eyes off my huge tits, erect nipples and he kept taking a cheeky peek at my pussy. We were having an uncomfortable moment, but i decided there and then that i needed that huge cock, there was lots i could do with it. I stepped into the sauna and clicked the door closed, sitting next to Kevin on the wooden bench, ‘so what did you see?’ i asked, ‘sorry’ he said quietly, ‘i was in the sauna when you came in and watched everything, this is a reaction to seeing you naked’. I leant forward and pushed his gently pushed hands away from his cock and slid my hand around his shaft, it was so thick and hard i was mesmerised. Slowly wanking his full length , i could feel it pulsating, i knew that he would come if i was too vigorous, and i definitely didn’t want that, I had to stop. Pushing him backwards, making Kevin lie down, I moved up between his legs and dropped my head, taking his bulbous end into my mouth, it was so big i couldn’t get it all in my mouth. I flicked his end with my tongue and began mouth fucking his solid tool, Kevin was groaning, but at least i knew he wasn’t as near to coming as he had been. I slurped on his cock for a couple of minutes, whilst i moved my finger around my clit, working myself up, i needed to be really wet in order to accept that monster inside me. When i knew i was ready i stopped sucking his end, and moved my body up his, when i felt his cock near my hole, i sank down my wetness onto him. His cock stretched me open and i could feel every inch of him sliding into me, it hurt, but the pleasure was far greater than the pain.

I rhythmically began sliding up and down on his length, fucking him slowly but purposefully. I knew that i would come really quickly, and hoped that i could bring Kevin to that point at the same time, i began to speed up when i could feel  my orgasm building inside my body, i could feel Kevin harden at the same time. I forced my pussy down hard onto him, and felt my orgasm rocket through my body, at the same time i felt Kevin stiffen and felt his hot seed shoot inside me, i could feel his come pumping and pumping.

Sliding off Kevin, i could feel sweat dripping off me, as well as his come dripping out of me. I took his hand and guided him out of the sauna and into the pool, we both spent a good 10 minutes cooling off. Kevin suggested that i didn’t finish the decorating that day, his fantastic cock had other ideas, and i was more than happy to oblige in helping out.

Kevin had come back from his business trip late on Thursday night, and had decided to have a sauna on Friday before he started to do some work, he had on expected me to come in at 7.30, and neither did he expect me to take a naked swim. Talking of going home, i’ve not been home yet, Kevin has said i am welcome to stay as long as i want, and what i want, is more of that massive cock, so i’m not in any rush to leave.

Feb 08

What a mess

My fantasy coming true Hi my name is Jessica, and have i got a story to share with you.

I’m a bit of a naughty girl, single, very girly and very highly sexed. I’ve always loved sex, and i’ve tried most things, straight, anal, bondage, S&M, kinky, out doors and girl on girl, but i’ve never been involved with a gang bang. I’m not sure whether i always had fancied a gang bang, or i was just curious to see what it was all about (I had a very good idea, and wanked myself thinking about it), but the right opportunity had never really come along, until a couple of weeks ago.

I work for quite a large company, with a mainly male sales team. I am a Key Account Manager and recently attended our annual sales conference which is held at the start of every year. It is usually a great event, motivates everyone for the year ahead, and thanks them for the work of the previous year. The conference always finishes off with a gala dinner, and this year was no exception. The evening and dinner were as good as ever, and by 11.30 most people had headed off to the hotel bar. By 2am most people had headed off to bed, leaving me and 5 of the sales guys in the bar, the barman had politely told us he was closing at 2am, but if we wanted to take some drinks to our rooms he would serve us something to take up. Kevin, our head of the northern region took it upon himself to order 6 bottles of wine, and proudly declared that as he had got a suite in the hotel, we could go back to his room to drink the wine, it seemed like a good idea, so we all trooped off to his top floor suite.

His suite was great, huge, with 3 separate rooms, a dining area with a table and a mammoth sitting area, that easily accommodated us all. The wine was opened and we all sat relaxing and chatting. As usual with sales teams, the conversation eventually got on to sex, and the boys were all sharing their saucy stories, i just sat there taking it all in. The guys eventually got on the subject of girl on girl action, all saying how that they had never had an opportunity to have some fun with more than 1 girl. I continued to keep very quiet. I was feeling quite horny, the conversation was most definitely having an effect on me, i could feel my shaven pussy getting quite wet, so i decided to finish my wine and head off to my room, i had my vibrator in my suitcase and thought i could go and wank myself to sleep. Suddenly i was interrupted in my thoughts by John, ‘Hey Jess, have you ever had any girl on girl action?’, i looked across and smiled coyly, ‘maybe’ i replied. ‘Come on tell us more’ the guys asked, ‘no, it’s fine’ i said, ‘why not, are you scared or frigid?’ Kevin joked, ‘neither’ i quipped back. The guys all shifted un-comfortably, thinking that i had been offended, ‘sorry’ said John, and in a bid to lighten the drunken mood said ‘So, what is your fantasy?’, i giggled in excitement, i was a little drunk and had had a better thought than using my vibrator, ‘i’d like a group of men to see me naked’, with that i stood up, kicked off my shoes, and slowly started sliding my ball gown down towards my feet. The guys stared open mouthed as i stood there in my black balcony bra, black lacy shorts and stockings supported from my shorts, ‘do you like want you see boys?’ i could see 5 guys in front of my with 5 bulging hard ons in their trousers, i moved forward towards Kevin and knelt down in front of him, placing my hand on his hard cock. I gently started rubbing, and said ‘i will get totally naked, if you guys get naked’, everyone just sat there perplexed, so i took the lead, stood up and slowly removed my bra. One by one the guys stood up and started removing their clothes, all leaving their boxer shorts on, standing in a circle around me. I stood up and bent over, slipping my thumbs into the top of my shorts and sliding them down, with my stockings to my ankles, then standing up again i let the guys see my full naked glory, they all started at my pert tits, cute nipples and hairless pussy. I knelt down and looked up at Pete, i rubbed my hand over his swollen cock and moved my hand to his boxer shorts and slid them down, his cock look fantastic, long, hard and glistening at the tip. I slowly moved my head forward and suck his whole length into my mouth. His cock was bigger than i anticipated and i felt myself gag, i slid some of his length out of me and started to massage the head of his cock with my tongue, Pete moaned gently. I removed his cock from my mouth and purred ‘who’s next?’. I was immediately presented with 4 more solid, hard cocks, i gave each of them my attention in turn. My cunt was on fire, i was loving every second of this and i wanted more, but i was not sure how i should approach this. Standing up, i beaconed the boys to follow me, like little puppies they followed me into the dining area, i moved the dining chairs to one side and sat on the end of the table, opening my leg so the guys could see my now literally soaking hole. I moved my hand down to my hole and slid 2 fingers easily into me, it was so wet i think i could have got all 5 fingers inside, i needed cock.

I lay back and lifted my legs in the air, ‘who first?’, Pete stepped up and held onto my ankles, sliding his really solid dick into my soaking pussy, he began rhythmically sliding in and out of me, i could feel his length sliding completely in to me. I moved my right hand and located Kevin’s cock, i wrapped my fingers around it and gently began to wank him, my left hand was taken and wrapped around John’s cock, my mouth was touched by another cock, i opened it wide and began sucking on the swollen end, i spied Colin in the corner wanting himself furiously. I felt myself coming, i was in ecstasy, within seconds my whole body began bucking wildly as the biggest orgasm i had ever had spasmed through my body, immediately followed by Pete shooting his hot and sticky load into me. Kevin immediately replaced Pete in my hole and again began to pump at me, noisily slipping in and out of me. We carried on licking, sucking, wanting and fucking until all of the 5 guys had spent themselves into my cunt, with Simon being the last one to empty his seed into me. I just lay there on the table, the guys starting at the streaming flow out of my now very soaked, sore and swollen cunt, i lay there sweating. 5 men, 5 orgasms, 5 jets of spunk and 1 now soaking cunt, more than enough for any girl, no matter how naughty they are.

We all dressed, had a final glug of wine and retired to our rooms. Nothing more was said the next day, there wasn’t even and sly winks or nods. I was sore, but thoroughly satisfied, convinced that last night was the first of more gang bangs, with or without these new fuck buddies.

My fantasy fulfilled, i now need to focus on a new fantasy …………

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